One Day in April
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Four teams of collegiate cyclists compete for championship glory in the Little 500. A year’s worth of training and pure pride are on the line in a single race where victory is measured in inches.

One Day in April is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the triumphs and failures of two men’s and two women’s collegiate cyclist teams trying to win the Little 500. Directed by filmmaker and native Hoosier Thomas Miller, “One Day in April” is a bittersweet portrait of athletic competition in its purest, unadulterated form. . Shot in an intimate cinema vérité style that highlights the struggles and failures of four teams of riders in the Little 500, the expansive narrative of friendship, failure, and redemption plays out across a cast of characters that includes grizzled veterans, rookies trying to find their spot and coaches who work hard and remain devoted to the Little 500.

At a time when collegiate athletics is navigating an increasingly uncomfortable intersection of profit and competition, the Little 500 remains an example of pure sport in America’s heartland. Through the stories of the men and women who make up the Little 500 community, “One Day in April” is a testament to the virtue that sports can demonstrate and the role they play in forging kinships rarely savored otherwise.

The Interviewees

The Filmmakers

Thomas Miller


Vincent Vittorio


Kirsten Powell


Peter Stevenson

Executive Producer and Screenwriter

Ryan Black